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3 Mile Island
Meredith, NH

MILES OF MUSIC is a place for learning, creating and collaborating. Our flagship event is an annual week-long music retreat for all ages on a private island in New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee. We also host winter weekends, concerts and dances in Brooklyn and Boston. 

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Lottery Application


Lottery Application


If you’re applying as an INDIVIDUAL, select a quantity of “1” and hit “ADD TO CART”. Then click the “LOTTERY APPLICATION (REQUIRED)” button and follow instructions from there. At checkout, you’ll be asked to pay a $100 deposit.

If you’re applying on behalf of your FAMILY, select the number of people in your party and hit “ADD TO CART”. Then click the “LOTTERY APPLICATION (REQUIRED)” button and follow instructions from there. You’ll need to fill out the form once for each member of your family, and you’ll have the opportunity to choose the age and associated tuition rate for each person as you go. At checkout, you’ll be asked to pay $100 for each family member (e.g. 4 family members = $400).

If you’re hoping to attend camp with a particular friend or group of friends, but the members of your group are intending to pay for their tuition separately, that makes you part of what we would call a “NON-FAMILY GROUP”. There is a space in the application form to tell us about this! For the purposes of this form, just select a quantity of “1” and proceed with the instructions for an INDIVIDUAL.

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We serve a buffet breakfast and lunch, followed by a family-style sit-down dinner. Our chef orders fresh, seasonal produce and regional, hormone-free meats through Maine’s North Center Foods. Homemade desserts are served at dinner nightly. The standard meal plan includes meat or fish at most meals. We also offer two altered menu options based on the most common food restrictions we've encountered in the past: vegetarian and gluten-free
Small, rustic cabins are spaced around the island shoreline. The typical camper cabin is 16-feet square, with two single beds, a table and chairs, a closet, a laundry line and a rocking chair on a front porch with a view of the lake. There’s no electricity or running water in the cabins. We recommend using a solar-powered lantern in your cabin and a flashlight to guide your way home at night. Stay tuned for more info about this with your camper packing list. Regular tuition includes a bed in a cabin with one roommate. If you don’t have a roommate in mind, we'll find a good match for you! Note: A limited number of private cabins are available for $1,850. To apply for a private cabin, check the "Private Cabin" box below indicating that's your preference.
Private Cabin
Transportation to and from camp is ultimately each camper's responsibility. Most campers drive to the boat launch area at Lovejoy Sands Road near Meredith, New Hampshire. There is a parking lot where you can leave your car for the week. Boats leave from the dock at Lovejoy Sands Road on Saturday, June 8th at 12noon, 2pm and 4pm. Boats leave from the island to take you back to Lovejoy Sands Road on Friday, June 14th between 9am and 12noon. We will be offering a shuttle again this year from the Boston area. More info about the shuttle and other travel options will be provided to all accepted applicants by our volunteer Travel Coordinator.
VOLUNTEERING (optional) It takes a community to put on Miles of Music Camp. We always welcome a helping hand, both on the island and in preparation for camp. Please list any skills you’d like to offer for a few hours, including graphic design, cooking, cleaning or heavy lifting. We can always use a few volunteers willing to stay on the island till we’re done cleaning up, so let us know if that’s you. THANK YOU!
**Only fill out info below if you are applying for a Work/Trade position. ** About 17 campers get a substantial discount in exchange for working while at camp. Most jobs involve cooking or dishes. We schedule the jobs so they generally conflict with only one class period and are valued at approximately $20/hour.
Work/Trade Applicants (Click Here)
Job Positions
Rank your desired jobs in order of preference 1-5. Kitchen 1. SUN-FRI 7:30-9:50am. Meal preparation and kitchen clean-up. (2 people) * Kitchen 2. SAT 2-4:45pm / SUN-THURS 10am-12:20pm. Meal preparation and kitchen clean-up. (2 people) Kitchen 3. SUN-THURS 11:20am-1:40pm / FRIDAY 9-11:20am. Meal preparation and kitchen clean-up. (2 people) * Kitchen 4. SAT 2-4:45pm / SUN-THURS 1-3:15pm. Meal preparation and kitchen clean-up. (2 people) Kitchen 5. SAT 7:45-8:45pm / SUN-THURS 3:35-4:35pm & 6:30-8:45pm w/ a 45-minute dinner break. Afternoons = Meal preparation; Evenings = Clear tables with a break in the middle to eat dinner at the same time as other campers. (1 person) Dishes 1. SUN-THURS 8:40-9:50am & 2-2:50pm / FRI 7:30-11:30am. Morning dishes & afternoon table-clearing Sun-Thurs. On Friday, do the dishes and then help with island cleanup as needed. (2 people) * Dishes 2. SAT 2:45-4:45pm / SAT, MON, WEDS 7-9pm / SUN, TUES, THURS 1-3pm. Clean dishes & pots. (1 person) Dishes 3. SAT, MON, WEDS 7-9pm / SUN, TUES, THURS 1-3pm / THURS 11pm-1am. Clean dishes & pots. On Thursday night, help tear down the sound system and clean the Rec. Hall after the final concert. (2 people) Dishes 4. SUN, TUES, THURS 7-9pm / MON, WEDS 1-3pm / FRI 7:30-11:30am. Clean dishes & pots. Help with Island cleanup as needed on Friday morning. (3 people) The Early Bird. SAT 2:45-4:45pm / SUN-THURS 7-9am / FRI 8am-12noon. Clean classrooms & Rec. Hall. Collect dirty dishes & light fires on cold days. (1 person) * ALSO NOTE: Jobs marked with an * asterisk require arrival on the 12noon boat on Saturday, June 8th. Please include this job as one of your Top 5 choices ONLY if you would be able to arrive at that time.
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